Five Tips to Choosing the Right Frame for Your Artwork

Choosing a picture frame that perfectly complements your treasured artwork can be a deceptively difficult task so here we have put together five expert tips to help you make the right choice.

1.       Keep It Cohesive

Your frame should complement your artwork, rather than distract from it so make sure you choose a frame that’s cohesive with what’s inside it. This includes ensuring your colours and/or patterns aren’t clashing. 

2.       Luminosity

A picture frame serves more than just one purpose. It doesn’t just compliment and protect your artwork, it’s also there to help draw attention to your piece. Select a frame that picks up and reflects light- otherwise known as ‘luminosity’, to helpdirect the eye towards your art, wherever it may be.

3.       Consider Your Surroundings

Think carefully about where your work will be displayed as this will weigh heavily into the colour and style of the frame you choose. Select colours and patterns that work with the furniture and other colours throughout the room for seamless integration.

4.       Tell a Story

Every piece of artwork has some kind of story behind it and your frame should work cohesively with that story. Sometimes what you have in mind for your frame cannot be simply bought off the shelf in which case, you may need to work with a framer who can create a custom frame that matches your vision.

5.       Chat with An Expert

At Frameworks Custom Picture Framing, we are passionate about helping our customers achieve the perfect frame for their artwork and photos. Our passion is also our expertise so when you speak to us, you know you are getting the right advice.

Come in for an on-site consultation in our Sydney studio and where we can create fully customised frames to perfectly suit your art. Contact us today for more information.