Six Ideas for Framing Black and White Images

Black and white is a colour combination that never seems to go out of fashion. Decorating your home with black and white can be both modern or vintage, depending on which direction you wish to go with your styling. Here are six great ideas for framing your black and white images.

1.       Symmetry

Use a variation of sizes with your framed images to create a dynamic, symmetrical look. Think of your framed images as a whole and combine them together to create one stunning piece. Simple black frames work nicely and give a modern, contemporary feel.

2.       Be Different

Just because your images are black and white, doesn’t mean your frames have to be! If you’re feeling bold, select frames in bright vivid colours to really make them ‘pop’.

3.       Vary Your Frames

Use both thin and wide frames when combining multiple images in one space to create depth and intrigue. Once again, it’s important to think of your images as a whole, rather than just focusing on one at a time.

4.       Invisible Framing

A really cool trick when framing your black and white artwork is to choose a white frame that perfectly matches your white background and a black frame for your black backgrounds. Your frame then ‘disappears’ and makes your image appear larger. Just make sure you get the shade exactly right!

5.       Match

Often black and white images have a multitude of shades, not just two. Have your framer create a custom picture frame that picks up each of those shades and incorporates them into a unique frame design. 

6.       Silver

Use a shimmery, silver frame around your black and white images to create an eye-catching artwork that is sure to stand out!

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