How Charcoal & Pastel Artworks Are Framed & Mounted

Charcoal and pastel works are seen all throughout history. In fact, some of the oldest artworks in the world were created with charcoal but fascinating as it is, this kind of medium is also the most fragile and easily destroyed.

Charcoal and pastel are popular for their ease of use and also due to the fact that mistakes can be easily erased with a simple swipe of the artists fingers. This feature however, is also one of the greatest downfalls of using charcoal or pastel. A simple puff of air, an accidental brush of the hand or a curious child can be the demise of a once beautiful, detailed piece of artwork and it’s for this reason that many artists choose to frame their work as soon as it’s completed.

Framing your art is the perfect way to protect it. The job of framing such a piece is best left to an expert framer with experience in dealing with this kind of medium as the upmost care must always be taken when handling something that can be completely destroyed in an instant.

Because charcoal and pastels pieces are one-of-a-kind, we don’t recommend using a permanent mounting method. Instead, we recommend having the artwork mounted using T- or V-hinges, or acid-free photo corners to the backing board (not the mat board) to ensure minimal movement.

We also recommend using a frame with a glass front, rather than acrylic in order to bestpreserve the piece. Glass is better as acrylic builds up a static charge that can disturb the delicate particles in the artwork.

If you cherish your charcoal or pastel art and wish to preserve it so that it lasts a lifetime, come in to Frameworks Custom Picture Framing in Sydney for professional framing services today.