What We Take into Account When Framing Your Degree or Diploma

After dedicating many years of your life to studying the thing you are most passionate about, you may be thinking of displaying your degree or diploma somewhere in your home or office. Displaying your achievements is a great way to remind yourself why you are in your career, and all the effort you put in to get there.

When clients come to us wanting their degrees, diplomas or certificates beautifully framed, there are a number of things we need to consider. Firstly, in order for the paper to sit nicely in the frame, it needs to be flat. Sometimes these types of documents are delivered or stored rolled up which can cause them to want to stay in that state, rather than lay flat. It’s always a good idea to try and attempt to flatten it out yourself before bringing it in to achieve the best results, otherwise, we will do our best to flatten it as much as we can.

It’s entirely your choice when it comes to the kind of frame you want, but as experts in framing, we can give you some great recommendations. Some certificates have special little details along the top or around the borders in different colors. Some with red, some with blue while others are just black, either way, choosing a frame that compliments these colors is always the way to go!

If you can’t find an existing frame that perfectly matches your certificate, you can always ask us to custom make one for you. At Frameworks Custom Picture Framing, we specialize in creating frames that enhance the image, photo or document that’s inside it and would be more than happy to custom design one that’s perfect for your certificate.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, or drop into our central Sydney location today!