Custom Framing for Your Treasured Posters will keep Them Lasting a Lifetime

Posters aren’t always the first thing we think of when it comes to framing, but they are one of the best things you can choose to frame, due to their fragility and proneness to wear and tear.

Posters can easily be torn and damaged when sticking or being removed from a wall using classic methods such as blu-tac or sticky tape (almost everyone has accidentally torn a posted this way!), and this is fine, if the posted isn’t something of value to you. If you do have a special poster, maybe a signed poster from a sports person or celebrity; consider having it professionally framed to keep it in top condition.

There are many different elements that can destroy your treasured posters including humidity, dust, general wear and tear and most commonly, UV damage. When exposed to UV for a certain period of time, your poster will begin to fade. This can be very frustrating, especially if your poster is perfectly displayed just where you want it, but is in a position where it’s in direct contact with sunlight.

Luckily, there is a solution to this issue! Many people are now choosing to have their favorite posters framed. Not only does this protect the poster from moisture and dust, you can also choose to select a special UV filtering which protects whatever is behind it from the damaging UV rays.

Framing your poster, whether signed or unsigned is also a fantastic way to add value to it if you are thinking of reselling and you can even customise your own frame.

At Frameworks Custom Picture Framing, we are the experts in all when it comes to framing. We understand that certain materials require certain levels of care and will take every measure to ensure your poster or artwork is protected.

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