Keep Your Family Heirlooms Safe with Custom Framing of War Medals & Mementos

Most of us have heirlooms that we have held on to for many years; either for sentimental purposes, or maybe in the hopes that they will be worth a small fortune one day. But the mistake we often make is keeping them locked away and hidden amongst junk where we either forget about them, or our valuable items become damaged as they have not been stored correctly.

If you are holding on to certain heirlooms for sentimental reasons, it’s important to preserve them and ensure they aren’t damaged over time from things like water, moisture, dirt, dust mites and mold. Framing your precious items is a great way to protect your heirlooms and prolong their life.

It’s not uncommon for people to keep and frame items of clothing such as old wedding dresses from a mother or grandmother, war helmets from a father or grandfather, babies christening dresses etc. Framing these items is a great way to preserve them, ensuring they are kept in good condition and is also a beautiful way to present them in the home or to pass on to a family member as a special gift.

Items such as old jewelry, watches and trinkets can be framed to create a beautiful piece of art that will look stunning on display in your home. At Frameworks Custom Picture Framing you can customise your frame to match your art and its surroundings.

What about old paintings? If their original frames don’t match your décor, consider having them reframed to give them new life.

Another reason to frame your heirlooms is for the purpose of adding value and achieving a higher sale price. Things like coin collections, silver and gold collections and fine china are perfect for framing.

To preserve your heirlooms in customs frames, contact Frameworks Custom Picture Framing in Sydney today!