How to Keep Your Wood Picture Frames Clean at Home

Just like anything else in the home, your picture frame will benefit from regular cleaning. Frames tend to accumulate dust, lint and other fine particles and whilst dusting is great, a proper clean is beneficial too.

Before you clean any type of frame, you should always make sure to carefully remove whatever is inside it to avoid it becoming damaged. Then start by cleaning the glazing of any finger prints or smudges with your preferred type of glass cleaner. Windex will do just fine. Acrylic glazing however, should only ever be cleaned gently with soap and warm water, or a cleaner that has been specifically designed for acrylic.

Use a lint-free microfiber cloth to ensure a smooth, dry finish on the glaze and to avoid any scratches. Avoid things like paper towel that can scratch the glaze and leave micro particles behind. Now you can begin cleaning the actual wood.

Wood frames that are finished should be cleaned with a damp cloth and some wood furniture polish. Spray the polish onto the cloth, rather than directly on to the frame to avoid spraying the polish on the glaze, then gently wipe over the frame. If the wood frame is unfinished, use a microfiber cloth, lightly dampened and gently wipe down the frame. Keep in mind that unfinished wood discolours easily as it will soak up some of the water it comes in contact with. Frames that have decorative carvings or fine details can be carefully cleaned using a soft toothbrush and some warm soapy water, to get into all the nooks and crannies.

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