Tips on Transporting Your Newly Framed Artwork Home

It’s exciting when you come to Frameworks Framing to collect your exquisitely framed artwork, photograph or picture and you’re eagerly awaiting the moment when you can bring it home and carefully hang it in that perfect place. But have you considered how you will get it safely home without damaging the frame or breaking the glass? Here’s some tips!

·         It’s always recommended that artwork be transported upright, rather than lying flat in your vehicle. The best place can often be on the floor across the backseat and surrounding the glass and frame with something that will keep it in place. If you have a van or station wagon, have it standing upright in the back completely surrounded to keep it protected.

·         When you come to pick up your frame, try to come with an empty car. So many people arrive with a vehicle packed full of belongings and try to manoeuvre the frame into the remaining space. Usually this is the point where scratches to frames or breaks to the glass can occur. Avoid it by clearing out the car first.

·         Consider the fact that you may have to come to a sudden stop in the car on your journey home as these things can happen. If you factor this in when you’re positioning the frame and surrounding it with protective materials, you’ll be fully prepared if an emergency brake is necessary.

·         Come prepared! Bring pillows, blankets and anything else that can cushion the artwork or picture so it doesn’t get damaged in the journey. Ask us for help on where to place these to keep the frame safe.

·         If you’re not confident about getting your precious, beautifully framed artwork home on your own, Frameworks Framing can help! We have a delivery service available to all our customers and we even have a picture hanging service available for once we get to your home. It’s that easy!

At Frameworks Framing, we take pride in our work and aim to deliver a perfectly framed picture every time. For that reason, we want to ensure that your frame gets home safely and in one piece! To make sure that happens, follow our guide above or, if you’re still not confident, ask us about our delivery services. Contact us today!