Why Having a Custom Made Frame is So Important

Located in the Sydney CBD, Frameworks have been specialist custom picture framers for the past 40 years. With this extensive experience, we know the value of custom designed and professionally constructed frames for your precious artwork and pictures.

Sized Specifically

The beauty of a custom designed frame is that it is specifically designed and sized for your particular image, artwork, photo or picture. Size is essential to display the piece to its full potential and to ensure the safe life of your picture. It also takes a professional to understand how different images will change in size over time, so as to select the perfect sized frame for now and in the future.

Prevent Buckling

With humidity and heat a picture can begin to expand and change shape – even just over time. If a picture is in a custom frame that’s specifically designed for that image and how it will change over time then it will most likely begin to buckle and crease, possibly even damaging the picture beyond repair. This is why it’s absolutely essential to come to the professionals!

Perfect Colour

Not only do we take the utmost care when professionally framing your picture, we also know exactly how to select perfectly flattering colours and designs for your frame. When selecting the surrounding board as well as the frame design, colour and thickness,we know what works to compliment your picture impeccably. This is something that requires an expert eye.

Leave it to the Professionals

Frameworks have been in the industry for over 40 years and with that time we’ve seen plenty of disasters and destroyed pictures and artwork from at-home attempts at picture framing. When it comes to prized pictures, stunning artworks or important documents, do them justice by bringing them to Frameworks Framing in Sydney to have a custom designed frame and professional framing from our experts.

Contact us today for your custom framing!