What Is Canvas Stretching?

Canvas stretching is an art form that should only be attempted by professional framers with experience in stretching. Canvas stretching includes stretching the canvas over a frame with stretcher bars which allow framers to seal in the edges of the image and even stretch the image over the edges, creating a stunning effect.

Why Stretch Canvas?

Canvas stretching performed by professionals is done because it is an attractive way to present artworks and photographs in your home or gallery. It allows for the piece to be exposed completely, not enclosed within a traditional frame. It also helps support the longevity of the print, as the backing is protected and this means it is protected from time, seasonal aspects and the general heating and cooling in the home or gallery.

Photos & Artwork

Whether it’s a photographic image on a canvas you have or a beautiful canvas oil painting or artwork, a professional framer such as Frameworks Framing can turn this into a true work of art. If you’ve brought a canvas from overseas and it’s travelled home with you or you’ve bought a print from a market, canvas stretching can turn it into something spectacular. It will even help to protect the canvas against aging and the elements.

How to Hang Your Stretched Canvas

At Frameworks Framing in Sydney, we offer professional canvas stretching services and we can stretch any type of image you have. We’ll present it in a striking manner that you’ll love to hang on your wall. But how do you hang the canvas? All our stretched canvas frames come with the suitable brackets to hang your art or photograph in its desired location. We also offer a picture hanging service if you’re looking for that professional touch.

Where to Get Your Canvas Stretched

If you have a canvas artwork, oil painting or photograph you’d like to enhance with canvas stretching, call Frameworks Framing in Sydney today.