4 Tips for Keeping Your Picture and Photo Frames Clean for Longer

It’s September, which means the spring-cleaning bug is soon to hit homes across Australia. While you may busy cleaning other areas of your house that need some extra love and care, there’s one element to your interior decorating that shouldn’t be left forgotten about.

We’re talking about those frames that are nestled in every corner of your room, protecting treasured memories and mementos, that often don’t get the attention they deserve. While the add a beautiful and personal element to any room, they are often left to gather dust. But, who has time to clean and dust every frame in the house?

While there’s no magical spell for making sure your photo frames are impervious to dust, grime and other unwanted dirt, we thought we’d make the cleaning process easier by putting together some of our favourite tips so that you can keep your picture frames looking cleaner, for longer.   


1. Avoid Placing Them Anywhere that Can Cause Unwanted Moisture

The rule of thumb for hanging artwork and photo frames in your home is to hang them away from direct sunlight and away from the direct blow of air conditioning and heating vents.

This helps to prevent fading images and artwork, while also avoiding rapid temperature changes leading to moisture, condensation and mildew getting trapped under the glass.


2. Clean Wooden Frames Less Frequently but More Thoroughly

Dusting is a job that very few people actually enjoy, but unfortunately, it’s a job that still needs to get done. If you’re someone that hates dusting, then put some elbow grease into your less frequent dusting days.

Thoroughly dusting any wooden photo frames helps to prevent dust and grime from building up and causing scratches.


3. Put Aside a Day to Separate and Clean Metal and Wooden Frames

If you have invested a lot of time and money into your picture frame collection, then you want to ensure they will last as long as possible.

With your treasured metal and wooden frames, separate all parts of the frame to avoid any damage to the picture from water or cleaning products.

For wooden frames: when cleaning the frame, use a soft cloth or brush to gently clean the frame. Avoid using any liquids as this may cause damage. Only use liquids along with proper wood cleaning products to ensure your wood is treated and protected.

For a more detailed tutorial on cleaning your wooden frames, check out our blog here.  

For metal frames: if your metal frames have been treated with lacquer or similar products, then you can simply wipe down the surface. However, if your metal frames are unlacquered and are made from silver plating or something similar, then you can use a specialist cleaning product. If you use specialised products on a lacquered frame, this may cause damage.  

With both frames types, ensure all parts of the frame are completely dry before putting them back together again to avoid any water damage.


4. Clean the Glass Safely

When cleaning the glass of any frame, it’s important to take the time to do it correctly so as to avoid any water damage to your photos. When spraying your glass cleaner, ALWAYS spray the cleaner onto your cleaning cloth first and not directly on the glass.

If you spray directly onto the glass, this can lead to chemical seeping in under the frame, causing moisture damage, mildew and mould. All things that can easily be avoided.  


If you’d like any further frame care tips, or an extra helping hand choosing the right custom frames for your home or office, then get in touch with the experts at Frameworks Custom Picture Framing. We can even professionally clean your frame for you!