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Nothing says fine art like work on canvas.
The practice of stretching canvas dates to 16th Century renaissance Italy when artists were looking for a way to make extra-large paintings that were still light enough to transport easily. Painting on a linen or hemp canvas medium and then stretching the painted canvas over a properly made frame.

The process of stretching the canvas flattens out the surface and removes any lumps, bumps or creases. At Frameworks, we stretch all our canvases by-hand using the traditional tools and techniques that have been developed and refined by craftsmen over generations.

Traditionally, canvas stretching was reserved for oil painting only, but nowadays digital prints are often available on canvas, and they are treated in a very similar way.

All our stretcher frames are made with kiln-dried timber to make sure that there will not be any twisting, warping or distortion of the lengths over time, meaning that the finished canvas will stay looking its best for a lifetime.


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