Picture Framing & Hanging Services in Central Sydney

Frameworks has been running as a custom picture framing business since 1979 and is located in Goulburn Street in Sydney. I am the current owner and operator, Sam Morris, and I took over the original business in 2015. I have extensive experience in custom framing, having worked as a professional in the industry for over 15 years. I was originally the manager of Frameworks for a number of years.

Prior to purchasing the shop as my own, I managed a picture framing shop in London called ‘Thou art’, which is where I am from. ‘Thou Art’ specialized in bespoke picture framing as well as art and fine art framing. I was able to carry over my years of experience and expertise in this environment through to my work and management of Frameworks.  

Since I have taken on the business, I have rejuvenated and revitalised the appearance of the shop whilst still continuing to adhere to the quality, impeccable standards and fine precision of work Frameworks has always been renowned for.

Our two members of staff that deal with customer enquiries are Vera and Karen. Karen has a background as an artist and a print-maker and Vera has a design background. Both have been working for Frameworks for several years and using their experience they are able to offer expert advice on both the design and the appearance of the finished product.

Frameworks specialise in design-led and conservation framing for corporate, private and gallery customers. We stock a wide range of acid-free materials and specialist glass. This ensures that we produce the highest quality results, whilst protecting and preserving your most cherished art, fine art, photographs and memorabilia.

Our professionalism and expertise, coupled with our insistence on only using the finest materials, ensures our custom framing results will be to the highest standard. We have the capacity for exhibition and contract framing. For all your corporate, private and gallery framing needs contact Frameworks.

Contact us on (02) 9261 2371